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Avoid These Mistakes When Selling Your Home

Selling, upgrading or downsizing your home is a big move. You know that your decision is big so it’s good to be aware of what mistakes to avoid when selling the home. This can potentially derail your sale. Here are some common mistakes made when selling a home so be aware of it and escape from unnecessary headaches during the process.

Under/Over Pricing

This is one of the major home selling mistakes. Real estate agents will go through a comparative market analysis to know what comparable homes in your area are selling for, this can give you an idea for which you should expect your home to sell. If you underprice you may lose a lot of money, rather if you overprice it can scare away potential buyers, so use the CMA process to start listing and fix the price that is right.

Sweeping Major Repairs Under The Rug

A fresh coat of paint will attract the buyers but they will not sign a contract without a home inspection. The home inspectors check every nook-and-cranny for detecting the problems. Though your new ceiling paint might look fresh, the leaky roof could be a major problem which must be fixed soon. Clear all the issues before marketing your home.

Not Staging

Actually, an empty house will look more bright and clear than a cluttered house. Most realtors have reported that staging a home can cause a huge impact on selling your house faster. In a research, we have found that staged homes sell 88% more quickly and 20% higher than unstaged homes. Place a good looking furniture and decor to help buyers view your home’s potential.

Bad Lighting & Poor Listing Photos 

If all the rooms look dark, no one will like it. Lighten and brighten up the look of your home with light, neutral colors like gray, white, or beiges. Hang some quality pictures that offer the beauty and charm your home has to offer.

Ignoring Contingencies

If you get a high offer don’t just blindly accept it as the best offer, beware of financing, inspection, or repair contingencies. These decide the timeline, and complexity of your sale. If you have a real estate agent, it’s better as they could  negotiate between you and the buyer to decide what offer best suits your desired outcome.

Not addressing the exterior of your house

If your home’s exterior isn’t appealing, the buyer might think that the entire house will be like that. The paint on the exterior and the stain on your deck might have lost a bit of their luster. Before listing, make sure that the exterior looks pretty good. Ensure that your house looks better in the listing photos, enhance the curb appeal before showing a video tour or live visit to the buyers.

You never got around to repainting

One of the first things a buyer will notice when they pull up to your home is the paint. To create a good impression among the buyers you’ll need to ensure that your home looks inviting with the colors. The value of painting before selling will be worth the effort. If you have a bright red, purple or lime green paint wall then repaint with a more buyer-friendly neutral color. 

Taking Low Offers Personally

Selling your home can be very emotional but you have to get out of it and remember that it’s a business transaction. If your selling process takes time don’t rush and close the deal with low offers. Wait until you get the right offer. Negotiate for a fair price and don’t hesitate to say “NO” if you don’t need an offer. 

Selling a home will be obviously emotional so there are chances to make mistakes, understand the business and come out of your emotions. Know what are the common mistakes to avoid and sell your home effortlessly.