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5 Things to Avoid Failure in Social Media Marketing in Atlanta


When it comes to social media, the first rule is to build relationships. This means building a relationship with your target audience and not just pushing your own agenda. You should avoid relying too much on automation, infographics, and interactions to gauge your success. Instead, rely on Social Cali Digital Marketing agency in Atlanta's two-way communication to foster relationships with your target audience and boost conversions.

Interactions are a lousy way to measure success

While you might get some interaction, it's a lousy way to measure the success of your social media marketing efforts. While a lot of businesses rely on interactions to gauge their success, this is a flawed measurement. If you're trying to make the most of social media, you need to post quality content that is relevant to your industry. You should also limit the amount of posts you make in order to get more attention.

Building trust with your target audience

One of the keys to building trust with your audience is consistency. Consumers expect your brand to have a consistent voice across all platforms. If you change the voice on one channel, your followers will notice, which could make them question your brand. It can also be frustrating for consumers when you ignore customer feedback or don't update your profile frequently.

To establish trust, start by defining your brand's personality. Establishing your voice early and maintaining it consistently across different platforms will allow you to establish credibility with customers. By following customer opinions and feedback, you'll establish your brand as a reliable and trustworthy source.

Relying too much on automation

While the rise of automation has made marketing more efficient and time-saving for many businesses, there are limits to the use of automation. Over-automation can reduce enterprise performance and give a brand a robotic voice. For this reason, it's important for businesses to educate themselves about the dangers of over-automation.

Automation is an excellent way to increase your reach and engagement, but it can also turn your audience off. It's important to take the time to humanize your automated posts so they look more personal. You can do this by Atlanta Digital Marketing Agency's relevant quotes and content that is intended to generate conversation.

Relying too much on infographics

Infographics are a popular medium for content marketers, as they allow you to visually present complex information. Using infographics can elevate the quality of your content and engage your audience. Almost three-quarters of marketers use infographics in their social media messaging. According to Infographic World, more than 1,000 companies use infographics in their marketing efforts.

When creating infographics, remember to tailor the information for different social media platforms. While desktops still lead in infographic consumption, mobile is gaining ground. In fact, mobile now makes up over 50% of the total amount of web traffic. This is a significant milestone for mobile content marketing.

Statistics have proven that visual content is more engaging than any other type of content. Infographics are among the top digital marketing trends for 2019, and they perform better than any other type of content. Users respond better to visual user-generated content than brand-produced images, and interactive content is increasingly in demand.