ERT Corporation

Earth Resources Technology, Inc. (ERT) is a woman-owned small business that strives to provide its clients with innovative solutions to their science, engineering, environmental, and information technology challenges. Headquartered in Laurel, Maryland, ERT boasts a nationwide presence and a proud 24-year history.

NOAA is one of ERT’s primary customers, and we proudly support multiple offices within NESDIS, including STAR, JPSS, OSGS, NCEI, and OSPO. We have strong experience with multiple satellites and their on-board instruments, as well as remote sensing algorithms, instrument calibration/validation, modeling and data assimilation, satellite ground systems development, IT security, science data analysis, mission IT support for science data centers, and systems/software engineering support.

ERT’s portfolio includes several major NOAA satellite programs, such as GOES-R and JPSS. We provided pre-launch science and engineering support to the GOES-R mission, for which we also have post-launch and long-term monitoring responsibilities. ERT provides JPSS instrument calibration and validation activities for the VIIRS, ATMS, CrIS and OMPS instruments. Our Sensor Data Record teams enhance the NOAA ICVS with advanced monitoring capabilities to better trend spacecraft, instrument and instrument degradation parameters, update and improve SNPP/JPSS instrument calibration algorithms, and provide JPSS-1 pre- and post-launch support. We also provide program support and serve as a technical advisor to the JPSS Office security staff, ensuring that all IT requirements are met.

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