Ed Kearns

Ed Kearns

NOAA’s Chief Data Officer (CDO)

Dr. Ed Kearns is NOAA’s first Chief Data Officer (CDO) and is also the Director for NOAA’s Big Data Project. Ed earned B.S. degrees in Physics & Marine Science from the University of Miami (1990) and a Ph.D. in Physical Oceanography from the University of Rhode Island (1996). Ed worked on satellite sensor characterization and calibration for ocean products from NASA’s satellites and led the development of regional integrated ocean observing and data management systems as a professor at the University of Miami. In 2005, he joined the National Park Service to lead the evaluation of coastal ecosystem restoration project plans and helped guide Everglades coastal restoration efforts. Ed moved to Asheville, NC and joined NOAA in 2008 to lead work on satellite climate data records, big data, archive and data stewardship issues. He began his CDO duties within NOAA’s Office of the Chief Information Officer in 2017.

Panel Discussion: Big Data

Great Hall

The NOAA Big Data Project (BDP) was created to explore the potential benefits of storing copies of key observations and model outputs in the Cloud to allow computing directly on the data without requiring further distribution. Such an approach could help form new lines of business and economic growth while making NOAA’s data more easily […]